Medical Examiners for the DOT

If you work with commercial driving, you already know there are standards to meet and maintain. One of them is physical health. Sometimes, there could be medical conditions which can compromise driving ability. At the same time, the commercial drivers may not be able to tell this. Unfortunately, some of these conditions can lead to severe traffic accidents and this is hardly what any of us want. It is a risk to the vehicle drivers and to the others driving on the same roads.

dot medical examiners

How does the DOT manage to find the drivers who have these problems? That is the responsibility of a few people in the industry. When commercial drivers do the proper training to become dot medical examiners, they are then certified to identify drivers with driving issues affecting driving abilities. Then, those drivers will be put on suspension until the situation is rectified. It is dangerous and impractical to leave them driving on the roads.

One example of such a medical condition which definitely thwarts good driving is sleep apnea. This problem causes a person to stop breathing during sleep. The body and brain get to be lower in oxygen than needed for alertness. During the day, the person will spontaneously fall asleep at various times. For example, they may fall asleep while driving. Obviously this could result in harm to other drivers on the road and the driver of the truck.

If you are wondering what it takes to become one of these examiners, look online for some of the courses offered. You can also talk to your fleet manager to learn more. Active as an examiner, you will be improving your skill base while keeping the roads much safer for everyone. It will also give you more credibility on your resume, showing that you take your job seriously.