A Closer Look at Radiology

Radiology is a form of medicine that uses energy to diagnose and treat various diseases. There are a couple of types of radiology, including diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology. No matter which type of radiology you need, the doctor who performs the technique is known as a radiologist. Many people fear Edison radiology, but that fear is without warrant. Radiology is safe, effective, and a great way to care for your well-being today and into the future.

When a radiology test is requested by a medical professional, it is used to see various structures inside of your body. The imaging that has been taken is then read by a diagnostic radiologist. These images can show the doctor what is causing your symptoms, and use it to monitor how well your body responds to specific treatment. Radiology is also used to detect cancer, heart disease, and other similar conditions.

Many different types of radiology exams are available to help diagnose patient’s diseases and disorders. The CT scan, or computed tomography, a fluoroscopy, an MRI, and mammographies as well as x-rays are among the types of radiology exams performed. The ultrasound is yet another comment exam. An ultrasound is often times used for pregnant women to see the baby, but can also detect problems with specific organs within the body. This is only a small sampling of the types of radiological exams a doctor may order to treat your medical health.

Edison radiology

Although some people get nervous when the doctor orders such a test, it is without warrant. Rather than worry, rest assured that you are in line for the best medical care possible and that any problems are soon to be detected and treated. The result is a better life worth living. If you need radiology, do not let the fear worry you!